2020 is a massive year for us

In 2015 we started making interactive and engaging children's theatre that ignited imaginations and inspired creativity. We never expected that this would be the path our careers would take, but five years on we are now staring down our biggest season yet, with performances of our work happening all over the globe.

In 2020 our goal is to make a Bigger, Bolder, Brymore, and we have a few aims to make this possible.


we're raising £2020 in 2020

£0                                          £1010                                          £2020


In July we will launch our newest piece of theatre, an interactive, black light space odyssey that combines the world of theatre with the excitement of a theme park ride and the playability of a video game.

OUT THERE will premiere at Theatre Works in Melbourne, Australia, and will see us collaborate and expand our team with some amazing talent, including puppet designer Alex Milledge, puppetry consultant Jarrod Fairclough and rocket scientist Marc Domènech Vadillo.

This premiere season is only the beginning for OUT THERE. We hope to tour this production throughout Australia and China in 2021.

in it for the long haul

We are taking our existing piece, THE BUREAU OF UNTOLD STORIES to more locations and festivals with longer runs than ever before.

These include seasons at Perth's Fringe World, the Adelaide Fringe, The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and a full month run at one of the Big 4 venues at this year's Edinburgh Fringe, in addition to regular tour stops, and performances in exciting new locations like Simply Theatre Academy in Geneva, Switzerland.

We have redesigned the production to easily tour domestically and internationally, to fit both traditional and nontraditional theatre spaces, and to set up and pack down incredibly quickly, ideal for all sorts of different events and locations across the globe.

MICF20 - Dates.png

no boutique family theatre company is an island

We want to get producers and presenters from across Australia, the UK and the world into our performances to see our shows and work with us in the future.

We are looking to network with peers from venues and festivals across the world to introduce ourselves, discuss opportunities and possibilities. We want to meet with managers, publicists and producers that may be able to help us handle the growing administration needs of our rapidly expanding company.

Think you might be able to help us grow? Say hi!

a fresh approach to workshops

"Wow! Why can't story craft be taught like this in school?!?! Interactive, engaging, clever. Kids loved it and so did we."

- Audience review

In 2019 we debuted two new workshops Creating A Story and An Introduction To Podcasting whilst on our regional Queensland school tour. Adaptable for different age groups we have developed fresh and unique workshops, that can include in character delivery, and fit in with various elements of the Australian curriculum.

In 2020 we want to present more of these inspiring workshops to students across Australia, and develop new workshops for children and adults to pass on the skills and knowledge we have learned over the previous years.

mission impossible? we don't think so

We want to collect 1,000 stories from audience members all over the world during our runs of THE BUREAU OF UNTOLD STORIES, and to create a platform to share the creativity of the world's children.

Through in person collection, performance and an online portal we'll collect stories from people of all ages and locations, collate, and hopefully publish a text featuring as many of these stories as possible.

our bold vision needs your help

The reality for us is that we have achieved everything to date with no government funding. We fund all our work through working a number of day jobs and reinvesting profits from ticket sales and performance fees. But our little company is growing to a point where we cannot maintain this as a way of funding our work.


We have got to where we are today because of the wonderful support of our families, friends and colleagues, but we've never needed your support more than in 2020.


So we are seeking a few things-

-Small scale donations (which you can do right here) from our friends. Maybe it's £2.25 to cover a coffee to keep us going, maybe it's £10 the equivalent of a ticket price because you can't make it to a show, maybe it's £50 because you want to help us print some posters and get our faces up around town. Every little bit helps us make this work that inspires children across the globe.


-Mid Scale, localised sponsorship. Do you have a business in, or near, or that provides goods to one of the cities we're performing in? Would you be keen to sponsor a season of our show, it'll help us cover flights and accommodation to these cities, and ensure we've got what we need to get people into the show. Plus in turn we will shout out your business from the rooftops and tell the world how awesome you are.

-Large scale, global sponsorship. Small in comparison to sponsoring a major theatre company, but with a big impact for us. Become Brymore's global sponsor. Be an ambassador for us, help us make our most ambitious piece of theatre to date, ensure we get to all our performances, and perhaps even allow us to bring on an extra hand to help cover some of the admin that bogs us down. You'll be our 2020 sponsor for every season, of every show we do, everywhere in the world, and we will proudly tell the world about your company too.



funds will go towards:


-Travel costs








-performance fees


-registration fees




-set construction


-lighting equipment


-creative fees


-marketing distribution


-production photography


-ticketing fees


-administration costs


-space rental

This is going to be a make or break year for Brymore Productions. We're dreaming big. We're launching new things.
We're going to places we've never been before. 

But what's going to make the biggest difference is YOU.

Thank you for all your support to this point. Thank you for any support you can provide us going into the future.
We are so grateful to be in this position, we want to make you proud with all the work we continue to make.

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