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Last year we were fortunate enough to work with The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre in Havant on their annual Family Festival pop-up production, for which we created Madame Manocchio. This year we were even luckier to be asked to return once again to develop another immersive pop-up event, this time entitled 'A Bug's Party!'

Our two busy bees, Bernie and Bella, were hard at work today creating an absolutely perfect garden party to celebrate the Queen Bee's birthday at Berewood Primary School. But disaster struck when a huge gust of wind came blowing through the garden just before all the guests arrived. Luckily they were all willing to lend a hand tidying up the space before embarking on a series of party games!

We can't wait to bring the party to the Emsworth Community Centre tomorrow.

For more information about The Spring's annual Family Festival (including the other events they're hosting) visit: http://thespring.co.uk/news/glorious-garden-family-festival/

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